For any director or manager, it is essential to be acquainted with and have an understanding of the legal language and reasoning of various areas of law. Companies thrive in an environment where affinity with the law is a must.

This course invites directors and managers to obtain the necessary knowledge on what is involved legally in the business arena. Directors and managers will look at situations with a new perspective and improved confidence when dealing with various issues within their organisation.

Programme Type

This course is delivered face-to-face in a classroom environment.

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Fee Includes

  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Networking Coffee Breaks
  • Access to trainers’ presentations
  • Duration
    2 Months
  • Start date
    20 May 2019
  • Delivery Mode
  • Credits

Entry Criteria

There are no formal entry requirements to join this programme.

Mode of Assessment


Course Outline

This course gives further insight into Company Law, Data Protection, Competition Law, Employment Law, Commercial Agreements and Health & Safety Law.

Benefits for individuals

  • Directors and managers will look at situations with a new perspective and improved confidence when dealing with various issues within their organisation.

Benefits for employers

  • Employers will benefit from increased best practices at the workplace.

  • Businesses will also benefit from increased ROI (return on investment), better alignment of business strategy with its people, improved performance management practices, increased attraction and retention of best people and better employee engagement.

Course Modules

Module 1: Practical issues - Employment Law

These sessions follow the lifespan of employment from recruitment to termination. They aim to provide a practical understanding of all the significant areas related to employment law. A number of practical examples and group discussions will take place throughout the session. 

Areas covered include the following:

  • Recruitment issues
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Disciplinary matters
  • Termination of Employment

Duration: N/A
Trainer : Roselyn Borg Knight

Module 2: Data Protection - Ticking all the Boxes

This session examines relevant issues in data protection law which will ensure that directors and managers are more confident when dealing with data protection issues within their organisation.

Areas covered include the following:

  • The background of data protection, key definitions and exemptions from the Data Protection Act.
  • An explanation of each of the principles of the Data Protection Act.
  • The significance of data security, real life cases, what is expected of businesses and how to deal with lost data.
  • Registering with the Office of Information and Data Protection Commissioner (IDPC), sharing data securely, transferring data outside of the EEA, marketing communications, potential penalties and the IDPC involvement.

Duration: N/A
Trainer : Paul Gonzi

Module 3: Competition Law in Practice

This session aims to provide insight into competition matters and offer guidance on what to look out for when dealing with commercial contracts and business negotiations.

Areas covered include the following:

  • Why worry about competition law at all?
  • What can and cannot be done with competitors.
  • Dominant position/Victim of anti-competitive behaviour.
  • Topical developments.

Duration: N/A
Trainer : Ron Galea Cavallazzi

Module 4: Understanding Company Law

These sessions will introduce delegates to the fundamentals of company law, concentrating on those parts of the regime which are particularly applicable to directors and managers.

Areas covered include the following:

  • Company law fundamentals – Companies Act – incorporation and limited liability.
  • Directors – appointment, removal and disqualification of directors –role of directors/directors' duties.
  • Shareholders – role of shareholders.
  • Shares – allotment of shares/classes of shares.

Duration: N/A
Trainer : Reuben Balzan

Module 5: Commercial Agreements

This session will address the fundamentals of contract law, and place them more firmly into a practical context.

Areas covered include the following:

  • Formation
  • Capacity
  • Express and implied terms
  • Warranties and Indemnities
  • Exclusion and limitation
  • Force Majeure
  • Misrepresentation
  • Entire agreement clauses
  • Execution of deeds and documents
  • Remedies

Duration: N/A
Trainer : Donald Vella

Module 6: General Overview of Health and Safety Law

This session aims to provide a general overview of the laws pertaining to health and safety. This will give directors and managers a good insight into their responsibilities and how to handle and prevent any accidents at work.

Areas covered include the following:

  • The principles of health and safety law.
  • Overview of various laws that deal with health and safety at work.
  • Legal responsibilities of directors/managers.
  • Practical aspects through case-law

Duration: N/A
Trainer : Julienne Bencini