The Academy of Business Leaders is offering students a unique opportunity to enroll in a programme that will accelerate, enhance and fast track their career in accounts. Our ACCA accelerated part-time study programme is an opportunity to acquire ACCA's Level 6 Fundamentals Qualification within a shorter time frame than the traditional route, by going through TQUK's Level 6 Diploma in Professional Accountancy. 

Funding Opportunities

Get 70% back via the Get Qualified Scheme.

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Programme Type

This course is delivered face-to-face in a classroom environment.

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Flexible Payment Terms

Study now.

Pay later.

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€3,465 will be refunded through the Get Qualified Scheme.

Fee Includes

  • Tuition fees of sessions delivered by experienced industry professionals
  • Course Material
  • Mock Exams
  • Revision Sessions
  • Examination fees
  • TQUK registration fees
  • Initial ACCA Registration Fee
  • Duration
    18 Months
  • Start date
    5 Oct 2019
  • Delivery Mode
  • Credits

Awarding Body

MQRIC Accredited

The National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) deems this Diploma to be at Level 6 in the Malta Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning.

Entry Criteria

Learners should have a background in Accounts/Business Studies and be fluent in written and spoken English.

Mode of Assessment

Candidates need to successfully complete a series of examinations.

Course Outline

Individuals who successfully achieve the TQUK Diploma in Professional Accountancy are exempted from 9 ACCA Fundamental-level exams (students who opt for the Maltese Warrant must forfeit 2 of these exemptions (Law and Tax) to sit for the ACCA exams instead).  
Gain an MQF Level 6 TQUK Diploma in Professional Accountancy and the ACCA Fundamentals Qualification in just 18 months!

Once completed, this qualification gives students the eligibility to sit for ACCA's Professional papers and earn a full Level 7 ACCA Professional Qualification allowing them to become warranted accountants.

Who is it for?

This challenging but rewarding programme is ideal for those who wish to build a career in the accounting and finance sector and progress to complete the ACCA Professional-level exams or those who simply wish to have a qualification in accounts.
How does this vary from the ACCA route?

The course is not limited by the exam periods that ACCA exams fall into as examination sessions take place at the end of each paper. 

Does the ACCA accelerate route prepare students to the same level as other ACCA programmes? 

Most definitely. The ACCA Accelerated programme is a more intense route for students and cover the similar hours of tuition to ACCA students. The end qualification is the same, with students completing the 9 fundamentals papers, 7 of which are received through exemptions. Students must sit for ACCA's Taxation and Corporate and Business Law papers in order to make them eligible for a Maltese Accountancy Warrant which students will not need exemptions for.

Are the exams easier?

No. Exams sat through TQUK's Diploma in Accountancy at our Academy are of the same quality and standard as that of other ACCA exams. Our delivery and assessment for ACCA content needs to be up to 80% similar to all other ACCA exams in order for students to receive ACCA exemptions.

We have gone through a stringent assessment process with ACCA. We value the integrity of the accountancy profession and want to be sure that our students leave with the same value.

How do the ACCA exemptions work?

Once students successfully complete the diploma, students will be exempted from 7 ACCA foundation level exams and can move towards the ACCA professional exams.

What if I fail one of the exams?

Just like any other institution we do hold resits. Resits are planned into the academic year.

Further queries?

Feel free to contact us on 2247 0736 or via email debbie@businessleaders.edu.mt

Benefits for individuals

  • An opportunity for students to fast track their accounting and finance career through support provided by our tutors.
  • A diploma delivered by subject experts who work in key roles within the accounting field.
  • Training by industry professionals to develop the soft skills for that extra edge.
  • A fully-fledged programme that leads to ACCA accreditation.
  • Upon the successful completion of this course, students will receive two internationally recognised and accredited qualifications mapped at level 6 on the MQF/EQF.

Benefits for employers

  • A leading global accounting qualification which will help you recruit and retain top quality people.
  • The chance to inject fresh ideas and perspectives into your existing workforce by attracting new digitally savvy talent into your organisation.
  • A cost-effective way of developing your talent and building your skills base and increase knowledge in your organisation to grow your business.

Course Modules

Module 1: Principles of Accounting

  • Understand the role of the accounting function in a business
  • Understand how financial information is used within a business
  • Understand financial statements and their interrelationships
  • Prepare financial statements for specific purposes

Duration: N/A
Trainer s: Klara Grech, Justin Borg

Module 2: Principles of Business Finance

  • Understand the importance of finance to businesses
  • Understand sources of finance
  • Understand the investment opportunities available to businesses
  • Understand regulation issues relevant to business finance

Duration: N/A
Trainer s: Noel Cassar, Maria Giulia Pace

Module 3: Management Accounting and Finance

  • Analyse financial data and information
  • Understand investment appraisal techniques used to evaluate projected financial returns on investment
  • Understand the use of financial information systems to support senior managers in planning and controlling activities
  • Understand behavioural aspects of management control systems
  • Understand the use of performance measurement systems

Duration: N/A
Trainer s: Alexia Busuttil, Maurice Cachia

Module 4: Management Accounting

  • Understand techniques used for specialist cost and management accounting
  • Understand techniques used for decision-making
  • Understand budgetary control systems
  • Prepare forecasts and budgets for a business
  • Understand performance monitoring against budgets within a business

Duration: N/A
Trainer s: Alexia Busuttil, Carmelo Borg

Module 5: Financial Reporting Processes

  • Understand issues in the financial reporting regulatory framework
  • Understand the characteristics and limitations of financial information
  • Prepare and present single entity and consolidated financial statements from complete or incomplete records which conform to IFRS
  • Interpret financial statements
  • Understand the roles of directors, company secretaries and auditors in the financial management process

Duration: N/A
Trainer s: Maryna Lisova, Olga Peremot

Module 6: Principles and Techniques of Financial Management

  • Understand the function of financial management
  • Understand working capital management techniques
  • Use working capital management techniques
  • Perform investment appraisal and draw conclusions
  • Calculate cash flows for investment projects
  • Evaluate alternative sources of business finance
  • Understand how to choose sources of finance and investment
  • Understand risk management techniques used in financial management

Duration: N/A
Trainer : Noel Cassar

Module 7: Auditing Principles and Practice

  • Understand regulatory and conceptual frameworks of auditing
  • Understand the principles and practice of planning and conducting audit work
  • Understand the principles and practice of internal control, internal audit and internal review

Duration: N/A
Trainer s: Olga Peremot , Irina Barladean

Module 8: Principles and Practice of Business Law

  • Understand the legal system and the selected areas of the laws of contract, torts, and employment
  • Understand legal rules and regulations which apply to business organisations
  • Understand the relationship between legal rules, which apply to the operation of business organisations
  • Understand the interactions between legal rules in the operation of business, and business organisations
  • Understand the principles of securities law
  • Understand the principles of company law, corporate behaviour and legal liabilities

Duration: N/A
Trainer s: Ilona Schembri , Robert Attard

Module 9: Principles of Taxation

  • Understand the purpose of taxation
  • Understand the role of taxation legislation, practice and administration
  • Understand corporation tax calculations
  • Calculate tax for a company or group of companies
  • Calculate tax for partnerships and limited liability partnerships
  • Calculate tax for an individual
  • Calculate the capital gains tax liability following disposal of different types of assets
  • Give advice on options for tax planning

Duration: N/A
Trainer : Robert Attard


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